Whether Hiking, running, skating, biking, climbing or paddlingThere are more and more attractive offers around fortresses for your own sporting activities or simply for watching.

The fortress of Peschiera on Lake Garda (IT) is surrounded once a year: At the "Palio della Mura" rowing competition, teams paddle in gondolas in a race through the water-filled main moat that separates the old Venetian defence system from the mainland.

The "Silver Mountain" - the fortress of Srebrna Gora in Silesia (PL) offers a whole series of sporting events. These include the motorbike rally, the "St. Florian Run" (cross-country championships) and the "Master of Silver Mountain" marathon.

"Enduro du Lion" is a nerve-wracking mountain bike race through and around the mighty citadel of Belfort (FR).

In addition to the attractive sports programmes offered by the individual fortresses, there are many opportunities for "sporty trips" to fortresses. For example, the Elbe cycle path or the Danube cycle path along many exciting fortress monuments.

Conquering European fortresses in sporting style with FORTE CULTURA

Königstein Fortress, Saxony (DE) ©fotofestival-sandstein

Königstein, Saxony (DE)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Königstein Fortress (DE) One of the most beautiful and powerful mountain fortresses in Europe A single visit and view of the Elbe valley convinced Napoleon of the...

Srebrna Góra (PL)

Srebrna Góra (PL)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Silberberg Fortress, Srebrna Góra (PL) Fortress pearl in the Silesian Owl Mountains Prussian-Silesian Gibraltar The former Prussian fortress Silberberg in the Polish town of Srebrna Góra is a...


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