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Colourful uniforms, historical weapons, cavalry, artillery, swords and lances, bows and arrows - almost every era has seen military conflicts over fortified buildings, which still have many fans today.

Entire sieges and battles are artfully or martially re-enacted by thousands of protagonists. Be it the defence of the The ideal fortress town of Palmanova (IT) against Habsburg invaders, the "Battle of the Fortress city of Stralsund" (DE) during the annual "Wallensteintage" or the siege of the Alpine fortress Bard (IT) by Napoleon.

The Königstein Fortress (Saxony, DE) is besieged by the Swedes and cannon thunder rumbles from the mountain fortress across the Elbe. In the fortified ideal city of Daugavpils (LV) Napoleon (1814) faces the Russians, who The ideal fortress town of Terezín (CZ) is the scene of the largest 18th century re-enactment in Europe every year.

In the Boyen Fortress in Gizycko (PL) impressively staged battles of the First World War take place and the Eger Castle (HU) defies the storm of the Turks every year (1552).

Immerse yourself in historical battles with FORTE CULTURA

Gizycko (PL)

Gizycko (PL)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Boyen Fortress in the Lötzen Fortress System (PL) Prussian fortress architecture in the heart of the Masurian Lake District History you can touch in one of the most charming landscapes in Europe...

Königstein Fortress, Saxony (DE) ©fotofestival-sandstein

Königstein, Saxony (DE)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Königstein Fortress (DE) One of the most beautiful and powerful mountain fortresses in Europe A single visit and view of the Elbe valley convinced Napoleon of the...

Srebrna Góra (PL)

Srebrna Góra (PL)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Silberberg Fortress, Srebrna Góra (PL) Fortress pearl in the Silesian Owl Mountains Prussian-Silesian Gibraltar The former Prussian fortress Silberberg in the Polish town of Srebrna Góra is a...

Terezín (CZ)

Terezín (CZ)

FORTE CULTURA Station: Fortified ideal city of Terezín (CZ) Masterpiece of the fortress builders of the KuK monarchy Historic Elbe fortress and memorial to the Second World War The Terezín fortress (Theresienstadt - named after...


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