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FORTE CULTURA® guided tours promise very special insights into the fascinating fortress worlds of the stations on our cultural route. Whether in historical costume, on underground paths or with exclusive content, the guided tours with our certified FORTE CULTURA® tour guides are always an experience.

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FORTE CULTURA fortress tours

Willy and the landlady - on the trail of a ghost

Willy and the landlady - on the trail of a ghost

FORTE CULTURA guided tour: Federal Fortress Ulm (DE); In the inn "Zum dreggada Spatz", the landlady Kreszenz finds only a key that was lost by soldiers who had been paying for coal. The key fits the Wilhelmsburg! While collecting her just wages, the landlady sets off on a search - despite rumours that the castle is haunted...
West Wall cycle tour

West Wall cycle tour

The Westwall was a gigantic, 630 km long military defence line on the western border of the German Reich. Discover anti-tank ditches, hump lines, blasting funnels and bunkers of the Westwall in the section from the Rhine to the Palatinate Forest during our cycle tour.
Romans, robbers, revolutionaries

Romans, robbers, revolutionaries

FORTE CULTURA guided tour: Mainz Citadel (DE); Julchen, the lover of Schinderhannes, guides you through 2000 years of city and fortress history in Mainz Citadel. In typical "rhoihessian" dialect, she also chats about her lover. You will learn exciting details about the legendary robber, virtually at first hand.
Wine, women and history

Wine, women and history

FORTE CULTURA guided tour: Mainz Citadel (DE); Between Drususstein, Jakobskloster and Schweickhardsburg as well as the underground corridors and air raid shelters of Mainz Citadel, Julchen chats about history and wine, including a few selected samples of course.
Fortress town of Germersheim (DE)

Scary tour or city rally

Join forces with the all-knowing skeleton Hubertus and go in search of the Germersheim fortress ghost Willi. Or you can start the town rally and learn about the history of the fortress town in an exciting puzzle and adventure game.

Fortress town of Germersheim (DE)

Culinary city and fortress tours

FORTE CULTURA guide Andreas Baus will take you on an enjoyable tour of Germersheim. You have the choice: a guided tour of the town with mulled wine or a culinary tour of the town and fortress including a 3-course menu - 1 course each in a selected restaurant in the fortress town.

Fortress town of Germersheim (DE)

Guided tour of the town and fortress

Experience the typical flair of a southern Palatinate district town on the Upper Rhine and explore the impressive, well-preserved military buildings of the former royal Bavarian fortress town of Germersheim, including the "Germersheim Underworld" with casemates and mine passages.

Atlantic Wall (NL)

Europe's battlefields, war and military sites 1815 and 1944-45

Unforgettable and customised guided tours to the battlefields, war and military sites of Europe: Normandy and the D-Day beaches, Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt in the Netherlands, Berchtesgaden / Zell am See, Berlin, the battlefield of Waterloo 1815 and all other historic war destinations in Europe. Guided tours in English and French.

Hornisgrinde (DE)

The defence history of a Black Forest mountain

What visitors to the Hornisgrinde hardly realise is that the highest mountain in the northern Black Forest was a restricted military area until 1999 and the striking lookout tower was only opened to the public in 2005. The traces of the military past harbour a few surprises.

Black Forest (DE)

3-Hills Tour
in the Grinden Black Forest

Along the Black Forest High Road, you can generally enjoy fantastic views as far as the Vosges mountains. Hardly anyone knows that fortifications from 400 years of defence history lie hidden here, waiting to be conquered by curious visitors.

Kehl-Neum├╝hl (DE)

Neum├╝hl camouflage bunker - hidden history on the Upper Rhine

The Kehl-Strasbourg area has been militarily fortified since early times in order to secure the Rhine crossing there. Immerse yourself in times gone by and discover the Neum├╝hl camouflage bunker and its very special history and function in the Westwall defence system.

Ziegenhain water fortress (DE)

City tour with
Kunigunde von L├╝der

The old saying "As strong as Ziegenhain" symbolises the strength and durability of the once impregnable state fortress of Hesse. Learn more about the exciting history of the confirmation town and its fortifications from Kunigunde von L├╝der, the wife of the fortress commander.

Federal Fortress Ulm (DE)

The gate tour with gatekeeper Heiadahl

Gatekeeper Heiadahl takes you on a tour through the centuries. Which gates led into Ulm at what time and where? Who was allowed in and who had to stay outside? How were unwelcome visitors deterred? When was a bar put up?

Fortress town of Germersheim (DE)

City walk with midwife Josefine

Enter the fortified town of Germersheim on the Rhine through the imposing Weissenburg Gate with midwife Josefine and experience an entertaining walk through the town. As a "contemporary witness" of the 1880s, Josefine will guide you through the hustle and bustle of the town at that time.

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