Discover fascinating fortresses throughout Europe with FORTE CULTURA

Königstein Fortress, Saxony (DE)

Fortress Rosenau, Rasnov (RO)

Monte Titano, San Marino (SMR)


Fortress of Culture ҆ibenik (HR)

Fortresses are built history.

With their extraordinary architecture, they protected people and goods from enemy attacks with deadly weapons. Today, fortress monuments are full of life. As modern cultural centres, they offer exciting backdrops for a wide range of experiences.

Fascinating cultural heritage of fortresses in Europe

Europe has a rich and varied fortress architecture. It represents the European history of different eras.
Let FORTE CULTURA take you into the fascinating world of historical fortress monuments, with their mighty and often hidden architecture, their diverse range of experiences and travel options.

Fortress map of Europe ©ECCOFORT e.V.

Cultural Heritage Fortified Monuments

Architectura Militaris refers to a special type of architecture. The fortresses built as military defence structures in many eras tell the story of Europe and warn of the devastating consequences of countless wars.

Discover fortifications from the introduction of firearms with FORTE CULTURA. This includes individual fortresses, fortified towns, fortified ideal towns, citadels, fortified castles and palaces, fortified sacred buildings, large fortress systems, defence lines and the bunkers of the two world wars and the Cold War.

  • History of fortress construction
  • Forms of fortress architecture
  • Fortress architects

Cultural Route Fortified Monuments

FORTE CULTURA takes you into the fascinating world of historic fortified monuments with their mighty and often hidden architecture, their diverse range of experiences and travel options. Let yourself be surprised by:

  • Culture and art in casemates,
  • Events and festivals in extraordinary settings,
  • Excursions into the secret worlds of past empires.

FORTE CULTURA World of Experience

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  • Museums and exhibitions
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  • Reenactment
  • Experience nature
  • Secret architectures
  • Memorials and places of remembrance


FORTE CULTURA connects historic fortresses in Europe. We take you along the European cultural route of fortified monuments, whether it's a family outing, excursion, event trip, study tour or active tour.

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Protecting cultural heritage in Ukraine from the consequences of war

We support our member fortress Medzhybizh with urgently needed donations in kind to protect cultural assets from the consequences of war.

We have launched a fundraising campaign for this purpose. Please click on the green button to find out more and support us with your donation.