Fortress construction from the 15th to 19th century

Fortress construction is surprisingly multi-faceted with many variations.

It is no exaggeration to speak of fortress construction ART since the architecture of these buildings strictly followed the in the past existing state of knowledge about the impact of armaments technology for the effective defence against any attacks. In doing so, former fortress engineers also utilized the wealth of nature for instance through the construction of moats and weirs located on rivers.

FORTE CULTURA draws attention to different types of fortifications in central Europe, their essential characteristics and distribution in order to provide an orientation for the interested tourist about the ‚ÄėCultural Heritage of Fortified Monuments‚Äô.

Single Fortress

Single military defense building, usually consisting of military function buildings, barrier, ditch, bastions and cannon conditions.

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Fortified city

A city surrounded with modern fortifications in an irregular geometry.

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Fortified ideal city

Of military architects and engineers of absolutist princes in the Renaissance planned military city with star shaped or chessboard-like geometry of the roads and the surrounding fortress buildings.

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Citadels are more independent, often geometrically with 4 or 5 bastions and a particularly well-developed part of a fortified city; the last refuge for defenders.

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Fortified castle

Medieval castle reconstructed and supplemented with modern fortification elements after the emergence of firearms.

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Fortified Palace

A residential castle equipped with fortification elements to protect against attackers or as architectonic decorative element.

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Fortified sacred building

Cathedrals, basilicas, monasteries and also village churches which are equipped with typical fortification elements for the use of firearms.

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Major fortress system

A major fortress system is a central fortress with a circular aligned chain of upstream fortifications such as single forts or batteries for the protection of cities and places for arms.

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Lines of defence

Long stretched lines of defence for the protection of bigger regions as border installation, line fortress or territory fortress.

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