FORTE CULTURA Station: Medzhybizh Fortress (UA)

White Swan of Podolia

The eventful history of a city and its fortress

In the west of Ukraine, on the banks of the Southern Bug, stands the Medzhybizh Fortress. The impressive bulwark features a variety of different architectural styles and periods of defence architecture. The fortress combines features of a medieval castle with the mighty modern fortress styles of the Renaissance.

Today, the Medzhybizh fortress is part of a state historical and cultural reserve in Ukraine. Within the imposing walls are museums on the history of the region, ethnography and the Holodomor (famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1930). Key battles and conquests as well as the chequered history of Medzhybizh rule are presented in detail. Festivals and cultural events bring history to life for visitors.

At the time of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in 2022, Medzhybizh Fortress once again became a shelter and refuge for many refugees, especially women and children. In April 2022, FORTE CULTURA awards Medzhybizh Fortress the status of an official "Station of the European Cultural Route". FORTE CULTURA is thus sending a signal of solidarity for the people of Ukraine.

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Get to know the Medzhybizh Fortress in Ukraine know.

Protecting cultural heritage in Ukraine from the consequences of war

We support our member fortress Medzhybizh with urgently needed donations in kind to protect cultural assets from the consequences of war.

We have launched a fundraising campaign for this purpose. Please click on the green button to find out more and support us with your donation.

Events in the Medzhybizh Fortress

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