FORTE CULTURA Station: Bard Fortress (IT) - Photo ©Hagai Agmon Snir

Forte di Bard - bulwark at the entrance to the Aosta Valley

One of the best examples of fortress construction at the beginning of the 19th century

In the Dora Baltea river valley, the fortress of Bard is enthroned in the middle of a deep gorge on a rocky hill above the village of the same name. The strategic advantages of the natural features of the location were recognised early on, which is why the important access to the Aosta Valley had already been fortified since the 6th century.

Napoleon also had to recognise this when his troops tried to pass through Bard in May 1800 and were severely delayed by only 400 Austrians. On 1 June, he finally led a successful attack on the fortress himself and then had it almost completely destroyed. Carlo Alberto Amadeo (King of Sardinia-Piedmont) rebuilt the present-day fortress of Bard from the ground up between 1830 and 1838.

Today, the fortress is a jewel of fortress architecture and delights many visitors every year with its architecture, museums, modern exhibitions and events. Discover the fascinating fortress of Bard in the Aosta Valley with FORTE CULTURA.

Useful information for your visit to Bard Fortress

Forte di Bard can be explored in various ways on foot or by bike. The ideal visit can last half a day. Visitors can choose between various exhibitions and take pleasant breaks in the cafeteria or restaurant. The fort also offers the possibility of an overnight stay at the Hotel Cavour et des Officiers. It is the ideal place for families, groups and school classes and is pet-friendly.

Forte di Bard also offers special programme modules and various packages for groups.

Also: combined tickets with Aosta Valley Card (on the respective exhibition area), Apc (Association of Caravan and Motorhome Manufacturers), Assessorato ai Beni Culturali Regione Valle d'Aosta, Associazione Maestri di Sci Valle d'Aosta, Crer, Cervino Winter Summer card, Fai, Fondation Barry, Mav, Slow Food Italia, Vda Pila Spa ski pass, Skyway Monte Bianco, Touring Club Italia, Trenitalia

    Accessibility for people with disabilities: The entire fortress is fully accessible for people with disabilities.

    Events at Forte di Bard

    Eventkalender der Festung Bard.

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    Discover European cultural routes

    The fortress of Bard is also located on the VIA FRANCIGENA, a certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe".

    "In 990 BC, Sigerich, Archbishop of Canterbury, travelled to Rome to visit Pope John XV and receive the pallium from him. On his way, he recorded 79 stages of his journey in a diary. Thanks to this document, it was possible to reconstruct the shortest route between Canterbury and Rome at the time, which can be used by all travellers today." ©

    Via Francigena is a pilgrimage route covering 1800 kilometres through England, France, Switzerland and Italy, ending in Vatican City.


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