FORTE CULTURA Station: Nellkopf military bunker (FR)

Nellkopf Infantry Base I52 - Point d'Appui d'Infanterie du Nellkopf

The German infantry base Nellkopf I 52, built between 1914 and 1916, is located in the municipalities of Dingsheim and Griesheim-sur-Souffel (67370). It is an exceptional and unique element of the fortified belt of Strasbourg, built by the German authorities after the annexation of 1871.

It is positioned on the steep slopes of the Hausbergen ridge, a remarkable natural position and one of the last links in Strasbourg's defences to be built. It offers an exceptional view of the roads linking the capital of the Empire to the Kochersberg (at the rear of which is the Col de Saverne).

The structure of the complex, which was built between 1914 and 1916, is divided into several lines. The barbed wire net and the guard post above the lines are followed by two battle lines. The first line consists of embrasures, fighting trenches, a dugout for 10 men and two armoured observation posts connected by guard posts. From the perimeter trenches, which were interrupted by two dugouts, one reached a flanking position for two 9 cm cannons. In the rear part there is a shelter for 200 men, which is the main room of this point and has been preserved in exceptionally good condition.

Fortunately for the men stationed here, no fighting took place during the First World War. In fact, the stationing of the trench warfare further north took Strasbourg away from the front lines and so work to reinforce the belt was halted in 1916.

The Nellkopf infantry base is part of the Franco-German FORTE CULTURA regional network
"Fortresses and defence history on the Upper Rhine 1870-1999".



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