FORTE CULTURA Station: Museum Westwall-Bunker Dettenheim-Rußheim (DE)

Westwall bunker with history

The only preserved R32 bunker in Baden-Württemberg

The bunker belongs to the rare category of medical shelters, i.e. in an emergency, injured soldiers were to be treated here until they could be transported to the military hospitals. Its designation is Regelbau 32 (R32 for short). In total, only 81 of this type of Regelbau were built in the Westwall. It is the only surviving R 32 in Baden-Württemberg.

With a ceiling and wall thickness of 2 m and the typical rounded ceiling edges, this facility is one of the bunkers of the Upper Rhine position begun in the winter of 1938/39, built by the Reich Labour Service. It was later used as an air raid shelter for the civilian population. The bunker houses an exhibition of civilian and military artefacts from the period between 1933 and 1945.

The Dettenheim-Rußheim Bunker Museum is part of the Franco-German Regional Network Fortresses and Defence History on the Upper Rhine 1870-1999.

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